Firewood Rack


With Hoyla Tools’ rack brackets made of durable weather-resistant metal, you can build a firewood holder that is just right for your needs, with virtually no size limitations.

Whether you have firewood just for your own needs, or you’re preparing to host your somewhat frequently visiting relatives with a much larger pile of wood, it’s always good to store your firewood properly. That’s why we’ve come up with a pretty handy solution for storing firewood, no matter how much space you need.

With Hoyla Tools brackets made of weather-resistant galvanized metal, you can build a rack of just the right size for storing your firewood. The brackets can be easily modified to fit different storage needs, and they can be used to make a firewood rack in practically any size. All you need to do is combine the brackets with two by fours, and you can build a rack as tall and wide as you want.

See for yourself – it really is that easy:


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