Pallet Holder


Hoyla Tools pallet holder allows you to build a convenient storage space using simple two by fours and an ever-so-trendy standard pallet. Easy to assemble, the pallet holder enables various storage solutions of all sizes that can be customised to fit your needs.

Let us introduce you to the solution to all your storage problems – the Hoyla Tools pallet holders! The pallet holders allow you to build a storage space using only two by fours and a standard pallet, where you can store practically anything. The pallet holders are your go-to answer when you have no idea where to store all that stuff that’s lying around your feet.

Here’s how it works – simply attach the two by fours to the standard pallet using the hooks of the pallet holders, and the rack then stands firmly upright on its own. The pallet holders are very handy, as you can use them to build a storage space that suits your needs just right, and there are practically no size restrictions.

Thanks to its fixed base, the rack is quite a versatile storage solution. It’s possible to store firewood, cardboard, or other items around the yard, for which it might otherwise be difficult to find a suitable storage space.

The pallet holders are made of weather-resistant galvanized metal and are designed to withstand heavy use.

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