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Welcome to the North


Clever tools mean less problems. We want to make your spare time more enjoyable and inspiring with intuitively designed tools, so that your daily activities in and around the house are as safe and easy as possible.


Living in the North is very rarely easy. Living close to nature is what makes us happy, but it requires an active body and mind. Hoyla tools are designed for those who know the value of the outdoors and countryside lifestyle. To save time and effort, one needs a toolkit to make daily activities outside and in and around the house easier and more interesting.

Hoyla tools are thoughtfully manufactured in a small village in Southern Finland. The name of the Village is “Villi”, which means Wild and Wilderness. This fits our mission to design extraordinary products to make living close to nature as enjoyable and easy as it can be.

We believe the countryside life is the best way of living. But we also believe there is always a better way of doing things – a simple and unexpected way.


Hoyla Tools - Puutuki
Aug 10, 2021

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Hoyla Tools - Halkaisuteline
Aug 10, 2021

Here’s How To Split Wood Safely

Though making firewood is something many of us take a lot of pride in, not many want to make the task unnecessarily hard. Hoyla Tools Kindling Splitter is a safer alternative to the traditional axe,…