Tree Support Kit


Say goodbye to leaning trees and storm-ravaged seedlings! Hoyla Tools’ Tree support kit guarantees an upright start to life for young trees, as the four-way tie-down wires support the tree even in high winds.

Like all younglings, trees need extra support in the early stages of their lives, too. Since we never know what kind of weather phenomena Mother Nature will bless us with next, it’s good to be prepared for everything, and make sure the young trees won’t be swaying around recklessly.

The Hoyla Tools Tree support kit, developed precisely for such unpredictable conditions, ensures that the seedlings get a proper and supported start to their journey to new heights. The support kit helps the seedlings stay upright even in the storm, as the tying wires can be tied around the tree from four different directions. The posts are easy to sink in the ground, where they stay firmly in place even in strong winds.

The package includes bolts and tying wires.


We are a growing Finnish company. The products are manufactured in the small village named Villi. Our range includes innovate and modern tools and aids to make your everyday life and leisure time more interesting and safer.


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