Dual Brake Set


The pre-assembled Hoyla Tools Dual Brake Set is an excellent tool for licensed driving instruction. The universal brake pedal is easy to install, and it significantly improves the safety of teaching.

When it comes to driving instruction, safety should not be compromised. Hoyla Tools’ pre-assembled dual brake set makes teaching smooth, as it’s easy to install and almost instantly ready to use.

The Dual Brake Set installs completely within the passenger compartment, even in vehicles with limited space under the dash. The teaching pedal’s versatile adjustment options help with installation.

The brake set arrives pre-assembled down to the last bolt. The package includes a wire-operated pedal, a plywood board, two auxiliary mirrors, a magnetic triangle, and an assisting tool for easy installation. All you have to do is attach the pedal to the plywood board, and complete a few soothing breathing exercises before you start the undoubtedly magnanimous driving instruction session with your kids.

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