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Hoyla Tools Car Door Step S is a handy tool for loading and strapping down ski boxes, bikes and other equipment to your car’s roof. The door step also makes it easier to wash and clean the car’s roof.

There are good and even better innovations, and then there’s the Hoyla Tools Car Door Step S. This ingenious tool is your solution for those moments when the rest of the crew is already sitting in the car ready to go, and you’re stuck strapping down the cargo box to your car’s roof.

However, help is near. With Hoyla Tools car door step, you can effortlessly reach the roof of your car to strap down any cargo, and the journey can begin before you’ve heard a single comment from the back seat.

Made of durable metal and available as a one-leg model, the Car Door Step S can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. The door step is easy to hook over your car’s door latch, where it stays firmly in place.

The door step has an anti-slip that ensures you won’t slip while reaching the roof, and the rubber paws protect your vehicle from scratches and dents.

The foldable door step is easy to carry in the storage bag that is included in the package, or to store in the glove compartment, where it’s always ready for use.

The universal door bracket is compatible with all vehicles, but is especially suitable for those driving an SUV or a van.

Color option

Gray-Orange, Orange, White-Orange


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