Kindling Splitter

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A safe and easy-to-use Kindling Splitter for making kindling, as well as making your neighbors jealous. Made of wear-resistant steel, the blade splits logs easily, and the splitter stays in working order with only minimal maintenance.

Hoyla Tools Kindling Splitter is made for all those who want to enjoy their free time as much as possible. With the help of the Kindling Splitter, making kindling is so effortless that you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever used an axe in the first place. That’s ok. We don’t judge.

Made in the North, this Kindling Splitter is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The frame around the blade protects the user by making sure the logs stay in place – after all, rumor has it that it’s much more comfortable making firewood when the kindling doesn’t recklessly fly around. Another log, a hammer, or a mallet can be used to help with splitting, so there’s no need for a sharp axe.

The blade is made of wear-resistant steel, and the need for maintenance is downright minimal – just sharpening from time to time is enough to keep the splitter in working order.

The splitter can be safely fastened with screws directly to a splitting log, or other suitable work surface, for example to a wall. It also works perfectly for making smaller kindling. The blade is protected inside the frame, so it’s safe for younger folks to split logs as well.

The Kindling Splitter is a guaranteed success to give as a gift, but if you also wish to make your neighbors jealous, it also looks quite good in your own yard.

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