Kindling Axe

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An easy-to-use Hoyla Tools Kindling Axe for making firewood. The axe is a safer and more efficient way to chop wood than a traditional axe, and it stays in working order with minimal care.

It’s finally time to ditch your old axe. With Hoyla Tools’ compact Kindling Axe, making firewood and kindling is so easy your back will be forever grateful for your wise decisions.

The axe’s curved blade quite literally forces the wood to split, and no excessive use of force is required. Another log, a hammer, or a mallet can be used to help with splitting, so sharp near-misses and first aid trips can be skipped from now on.

The axe can be fastened with screws directly to a splitting log or to a wall. It’s safe to make smaller logs with the axe, too.

Made of wear-resistant steel, the blade requires minimal maintenance – just sharpening every now and then is enough to keep the axe in working order.

The Kindling Axe is suitable as a housewarming gift or to spruce up your own yard. Or why not both.

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Gray-Orange, White-Orange

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